I am neither a terrorist, nor an Anti-American nationalist, but a strong supporter of human rights. In this open letter I will formulate a theory, possible aims based on the theory and some facts to support the theory.

9/11 was an “internal” covert operation with ties to the Pentagon and some private Corporations. On 9/11 2001 the military conducted some exercises, which reduced the overall availability of defense and evoked a state of confusion at the Air Control. The commercial airplanes were replaced by two military planes. These two military planes were equipped with bombs, which exploded shortly after the impact with the towers of the World Trade Center. The bombs were located at the belly of each plane, between the engines and should have three effects 1) to deliver a show-effect for the media and 2) to destroy the non-airliner evidence and 3) to hide another explosion. Both towers and WTC Building 7 were prepared for a controlled demolition. The explosives at the basement of the towers were triggered simultaneous with impact of the planes in order to veil them best. The steel of the core columns of the towers was melted before explosives on many floors brought WTC 1 and 2 down. Building 7 was also brought down by a controlled demolition, but without a plane impact. Every act was prepared and conducted according to an operations manual, which defined the involved parties, the different roles, the presented suspects, the planted evidence and the official media statements. The Pentagon was hit by an explosive rocket. Some street lanterns were blown out and light-weighted debris was planted in front of the Pentagon. A secondary explosion caused the collapse of the ceiling. The lawn in front of the Pentagon was covert with sand to prevent any further questions. Agents acted as witnesses and confiscated the video evidence of all surveillance cameras around one of the most secured building of the world. The field in Shanksville was also hit by an explosive rocket and not by an airplane. The commercial airlines went to some other places….

Possible aims based on the Theory: The world population is growing and will reach between 9.4 and 12.1 billion people by the year 2050. Peak Oil was probably reached in the year 2005 and the main reserves (excluding oil-shale) will only last for the next 30-40 years. A new imperial star is shinning on the horizon – China – and America had a decreasing military budget as the result of a missing Enemy’s picture.

9/11 was a catalyzing event used for psychological warfare to shape the political stage of the 21st century. A great sacrifice to direct the American population and the world community into a certain direction – to secure natural resources, an increasing military budget, a strategic position in the middleeast and to establish laws to take over a totalitarian control of the population – all under the name of a staged event conducted by “terrorists”. Additionally it helped to veil domestic financial problems and to increase the gold reserves. Afghanistan is a strategic location for an oil- and gas pipeline to the Caspian Sea whereas Iraq is important for the oil reserves and geographically.

Facts to support the Theory:
There is an incredible amount of unexplained and strange facts for all events, which originally should be questioned by the so called 9/11 commission, established to investigate those terrible acts 18 months after September 11. Very serious questions remained unanswered until that day, because the controlled media was able to manipulate the opinion of the masses in a way that they are not interested to ask any serious questions about the day, which changed the whole political stage of the 21st century. The people are afraid to be called terrorists and are aware that they could be convicted – without a lawsuit – under the new homeland and security act. The land of the free world – and the whole world is watching how freedom is defined in the 21st century – when innocent people were killed for natural resources and an increasing military budget. If the social influence is too strong the individual could even feel guilty to ask critical questions. It is more comfortable to close the eyes – to concentrate on the consumption of the material world – similar to the principle of the Roman Empire to control their people with Bread and Games.

Quote: I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people – confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be – Free and Independent (John F. Kennedy).

Asking critical questions could have a major impact on the social life of the individual in general – in a way >>either you are with us, or you are against us<< to become a target of the same anti-social behavior. In Nazi Germany, for example, far too many people were being manipulated and closed their eyes – but those who did not, like Mr. Schindler, are the personalities who act as humans. History shows that it is very important to have critical thinkers, who are able to look behind the social norms of the time and trying to prevent that history repeats itself by keeping the main focus on the human rights.

Facts to support the Theory:

  • WTC security cameras were inactive during w/e installations 9/8-9
  • Pictures and videos showing an extra Equipment on “Flight 175”
  • There were large flashes prior & at the plane impact with the WTC
  • Seismic station recorded seismic events immediately prior to impacts
  • The twin Towers came down in nearly free fall speed
  • WTC Building 7 (47 floors) collapsed in nearly free fall speed
  • The WTC was designed to withstand an airplane impact of a 707
  • Fire Fighters & other witnesses reported explosions on different floors
  • The WTC was insured against terrorist attacks weeks before 9/11
  • Molten metal was found in the rubble of the WTC and Building 7
  • Molten metal could not haven been caused by Jet Fuel burning, but as a reaction of a controlled demolition using Thermite to cut columns
  • Most of the WTC steel work was shipped to China for recycling
  • – No 757 wreckage was found at the Pentagon (Engines, Seats etc.)
  • How could a 757 fit in a five meter hole at the Pentagon?
  • The lawn of the Pentagon was intact and later covered with sand
  • Why was all the video evidence of the crash confiscated?
  • Many concrete walls were penetrated due to the impact of… 
  • No body’s and plane parts were found at the crash- side in Shanksville
  • The Project “Rebuilding Americas Defenses” promotes US dominance
  • 2.3 trillion $ disappeared from the defense budget, reported on 9/10
  • Gold reserves stored under the WTC were not fully recovered
  • SEC files of ongoing investigations (Archive in Building 7) destroyed
  • 9/11 Commission started investigation in March 2003 (18 months later)  

Who had the motivation, organization and logistics for such an operation?


The 911 OPEN LETTER from 2010:


Report about Thermite found in the dust of WTC I+II+VII:



Report of the German BND concerning the events of 911:


The Project to Rebuild Americas defenses (PNAC):


Seismic Recordings Prior to Plane impact:

SeismicProofed InsideJob

A new Investigation should be started as soon as possible in order to be able to convict the people in charge of those terrible acts. Truth matters!


The purpose of the Project Rainbow aka the Philadelphia Experiment was Radar invisibility of a Navy ship by counter clockwise Rotating magnetic fields during World War II, which allegedly lead to the deportation of the ship. The principle behind the Philadelphia experiment was the unified field theory developed by Albert Einstein in 1928, which states that Gravity and magnetism are connected like mass and energy are also connected. Tesla Coils (strong electromagnets) were placed at the Navy Ship U.S.S. Eldrige (DE 173) operating at a certain frequency and be able to wrap Gravity around the ship. Dr. Albert Einstein, Dr. John von Neumann and Dr. Nikola Tesla (or at least his technology) was involved in the project. Albert Einstein worked fort he Navy in 1943, a consultancy period by the appointment of Dr. Vannevar Bush.

Anti-Gravity research was conducted in the third Reich by a special united lead by General Hans Kammler. The most known saucer type developed during that time was VRIL and HANEBU. They were alreday powerd by moving magnetic fields.




After WWII Nazi gold and money was transferred to South America, particularly to Argentina. The technical expertise of the Nazi refugees also influenced the development of the Airforce in those South American countries. Large portions of Land were purchased for example the so called “Colonia Dignedad” in Argentina near the Chilean border with about 25,000 quadratkilometers (over half as large as Switzerland). Enough space for Secret developments and to be able to hide them. A Secret hideout which could be only reached by submarine in the Antarctice is called NEU-SCHWABENLAND. German Nazis established there a Post-War-Base.


In August of 1945 president Truman approved Project Paperclip to bring Hitlers Top Scientists into the United States with the argument: If the US did not get those people and bring them to our country the Soviet Union will get them. It was a postwar and Cold War operation carried out by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JJOA). Paperclip had the aim to exploit German scientists for American research and secure those intellectual ressources for the US. At least 1,600 mind and propulsion scientists were recruited and brought to the United States – including Wernher von Braun. They have been placed by the CIA into the Militray-Industrial complex including Colleges and Universities. The propulsion scientists lead the US Space Program while the Mind scientists continued to experiment with mind control techniques. One CIA program was called MK-ULTRA.

PDF File:



In 1946 the Project Paperclip, established to secure intelligence from the third Reich, brought German propulsion- and mind-scientist to America. One of them was General Reinhard Gehlen, former Nazi chief of intelligence against Russia who influenced the creation of the National Security Council in the US. MK-ULTRA was a covert CIA Mind Control and chemical interrogations Program – officially conducted from 1953 to 1964.The involvement of former Nazi doctors and the relation to experiments carried out in the Concentration camps of Nazi Germany were evident. The Program used Drugs like LSD, Electroshocks, radiation and other methods to control an individuals brain functions. Parts of the project were also targeted for a huge scale. It was a Program of Psychological Warfare to control the minds of the people.

Quote Mark Phillips former CIA operative:

The Nazis didn’t lose the war – they just had to move.

Richard Helms became director of CIA in 1966 and destroyed the archive of MKUltra when he left the service in 1972. MK-Ultra had 149 sub-projects including nearly every aspect of the mind as it affects human behavior. In the year 1977 there were Senate hearings to reveal the procedures used in the MK-Ultra Program. The program took place in 80 institutions including 44 Universities, 15 private companies, 12 Hospitals and 3 prisons.

One area of the MK-Ultra subproject 119 was related to a remote controlled activation of the human organism by radio-frequency weapons. The project also studies the occult for a possible adoption of certain forces into the program. Another sub-project of MK-Ultra was called the Monarch Project, which produced multiple personalities through a trauma and a ritualistic – occult integrated abuse of the individual (hypnotically induced – programmed split personalities). A file was created through the trauma (in the compartmentalized memory), which could be activated by a special code. About 75% of the victims – slaves were females. They were forced by their master to conduct covert operations or were used by them for prostitution and pornography.

Cathy O’ Brien claims to be a government sex slave and mind control victim. After she recovered she co-authored a non-fiction book entitled Trance Formation of America.

Unaknowledged the Program is still operational today. The think pattern and Reality is strongly guided by the controlled media who decides what kind of information / reality the collective will preceive. That includes Data-Scans with a direct Media involvement of a certain group of people who are regarded as important for the System and the Future of Reality creation for mankind.

PDF Files:



Dreamland Los Angeles / Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry

In recent years a strong Media consolidation took place. There are now a few Media giants who control about 90% of what the people read, watch or listen.  These giants are Disney, Warner Brothers, General Electric (Comcast / Universal), Viacom, Newscorp and CBS. The Media is a very powerful instrument to create Reality even it does not match with the Reality itself. They are able to lead the masses into a certain direction and have a strong psychological impact on the individual. They indeed can creat a Dreamland!

It is said that Jews run Hollywood – that seems tob e true.


The far side of the moon is permanently turned away from earth due to tidal forces between the earth and the moon, which slowed down the moon’s rotation. Under certain circumstances only about 9% of the far side could be visible from earth. Some images taken from the far side of the moon are showing unnatural – geometrical structures and astronomers as well as astronauts reported sightings of UFOs hovering over the surface of the moon.

During the Apollo Mission 14 the astronauts are beeing watched by Extraterestrials. There are some Nasa photos showing drones Hoovering above the austronauts heads and some kind of a mothership in the distance hoovering over the Moons surface.

During Appollo Mission 14:

Edgar Mitchell: Well Let us see … we’ve had visitors again.

Alan Shepard: Yeah. Hardly worth mentioning.

Edgar Mitchel: Agreed.

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For example take a look at the photo:


From the Disclosure Project:

First hand witnesses have told us that Eisenhower was furious that he was being kept in the dark about a number of important aspects of the UFO/ET matter. He had seen the ET spacecraft and bodies, and yet he found that extraordinary projects were under way, and he was out of the loop. Is it any wonder then that, notwithstanding the fact that he was a five star general and conservative Republican, he warned of the “military-industrial complex” in his last address to the nation as president? Fast forward to June of 1963. Kennedy is flying to Berlin to deliver his famous speech proclaiming, “I am a Berliner.” On board Air Force One is a military man who relates the following: Kennedy, on the long flight, at one point began discussing the UFO matter with this military officer. He admitted that he knew the UFOs were real, had seen the evidence, but then astonished the officer by stating that “the whole matter is out of my hands, and I don’t know why…” Kennedy said that he wanted the truth to come out, but that he couldn’t do it. And this is the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, stating that the matter is out of his hands, and he doesn’t know why. I wonder if he found out before he was killed later that year.

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Kennedy wanted to push forward a cooperation with Russia on outer Space matters. It is worth to mention that he requested Intel on all UFO and Space related topics from the CIA days before he was assasinated. The route in Dallas, Texas was changed in the last minute to turn into Elm Street – and Security stand down.



The Saucer crash in Roswell in July 1947 was probably caused by Radar interferences with the UFO. The officially developed coverup story of a weather ballon is a lie. The crashed craft was brought to Wright Patterson Airforce Base and the EBE (some wounded / and dead) were brought to secure locations. When they passed away – an authopsy of the bodies took place, which was filmed and documented. Also the debris of the crashed saucer – a very special lightwight strong material with strange symbols (hieroglyphics) was filmed and documented.


The Majestic Group or Majestic-12 (Majic-12) was established by a classified special executive order of President Truman on 24 September 1947. It is a research and development group related to UFOs and Extraterrestrial’s to study downed craft for Re-engineering and gather intelligence on other Life-forms. The group is still operational today, funded by Black Budgets from the government and private Corporations of the military-industrial complex. In recent documents a part of the group is called MAJ Ops. and MAJI Ops. and at another clearance Level they are called COSMIC Ops.

Majestic runs the secret black world – the government behind the government and is supposed to be supported by various Corporations and a special security squadron (Silencer). The head of the Majestic Group is called MJ-1 and it is suspected that the group grew to about 30-40 members since it was established in 1947. Only the members of the control group have all clearances and are not comparable to Majestic Operatives (Maj Ops.) with only a compartmentalized inside. The initial Majestic group (MJ-12) included only twelve members:

  • Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter
  • Dr. Vannevar Bush
  • Secretary James V. Forrestal
  • General Nathan F. Twining
  • General Hoyt S. Vandenberg
  • Dr. Detlev Bronk
  • Dr. Jerome Hunsaker
  • Mr. Sidney W. Souers
  • Mr. Gordon Gray
  • Dr. Donald Menzel
  • General Robert M. Montague
  • Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner

Three of the initial members of the Majestic group were the first three directors of the CIA (RAdm. Sidney William Souers, USNR; Lt. Gen. Hoyt Sanford Vandenberg, USA AAF; RAdm. Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter, USN) and it is believed that Secretary of defense James V. Forrestal was the first high potential victim to keep the secret. It is expected that more recent members included Dr. Henry Kissinger, Dr. Edward Teller (father of the hydrogen bomb) and Dr. Michael Wolf.

Quote Sergeant Clifford Stone – US Army (ET Retrieval Team):

When I got out in 1989 we had catalogued 57 different species.[…..]. The unique thing I gotta like to point out for the most part is that the entities that we did catalogued were in fact humanoid. Now this created a situation with the scientific community was trying to figure out why that would be the case.

Official documents mention the MJ-12 Special Studies Project and MAJI Ops.:

Flying Saucers are both man-made and extraterestrial. Technology of crashed and retrived Saucers have been Back-Engineered by scientists within in the community at different locations – for example at the underground facility S4 near Area 51.

Robert Lazar claims to be a former employee at a underground facility near Area51 (Groom Lake – closer to the Papoose Lake) known as S4. He was part of the MAJ Ops. (not the Majestic Control Group) to Back-Engineer a medium sized ET-Craft.

Not only dead bodies of Aliens have been retrieved. Also contacts with living Extraterestrials took place. The department of Naval Intelligence (DNI) is involved with those type of Research using telepaths and other methods of communication with the Extraterestrials.

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Star wars City in Colorad Springs consits a link to the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines and the Committee of 300. The Gate Keeper of Star Wars City is the Lion (13) Rockefeller in New York City. Within the Power Structure of Star Wars City there is the NRO (Cosmic Clearance – 38 Levels above TOP SECRET) and the Majestic 12 Operations and Control Group which are part of the Committee of 300.

There are about 38 Levels above TOP SECRET. The Y (25) refers to the COSMIC Clearance – MAJESTIC and the Star Wars City.

MAJESTIC and COSMIC are the highest Security Clearance Levels way above the clearance level of the President of the U.S. who has a TOP SECRET CRYPTO clearance of level 17. Below the 28 TOP SECRET CRYPTO clearance levels there are the levels RESTRICTED, CONFIDENTAL, SECRET, TOP SECRET, SCI (Special Compartmented Information) and USAP (Unacknowledged special access programs). Above the 28 TOP SECRET CRYPTO clearance levels there are the levels ZD-27, ORBIT, TRIAD, COSMOS, ASTRAL, STELLAR, ULTRA, LUNA, COSMIC and MAJESTIC.

Quote Daniel Salter, US AirForce, Chief Master Sergeant – NRO:

About 38 Levels above TOP SECRET. The highest is COSMIC. That’s…OK, I tell you right up now – That’s UFO’s, ALIENS and PARTICALIZATION. Now, like you heard that while ago there is only probably about 25 people in the world that know things that are known at that level. No President has had that level – was ever been cleared for that level. Eisenhower was closest.[…..]. If you own that level there is an organization worldwide called ACIO as Alien Contact Intelligence Organization.[…..].

  • MAJESTIC  – Control Group
  • COSMIC     – UFO’s, Aliens and Particalization
  • LUNA          – Moon Cover-Up
  • ULTRA        – Mind Control Programs
  • [ ]                 – Underground Bases,”Contacts”, Back-Engineering