It is widely known that Alien Technology has been Backengineenered from captured Craft by the US. There are many witnesses who already came forward including former NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell (* 17. September 1930 in Hereford, Texas; † 4. Februar 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida). 

Quote: UFOs in the Skys all the time. But they are very likely Alien Craft, but not all of them are. I suspect some of them are home growing. I suspect that in the last sixty years or so that there has been some Back-Engineering and the creation of this type of equipment. But it is not nearly sophisticated yet as – what the appartent vistors have.

Efforts to develop Anti-Gravity propulsion systems already took place in Germany in the third Reich. They explored VORTEX technology of the UFO – and probably also TORSION technology used for Time travel. It is believed that they had functioning UFO technology at the end of the War – and even went to the Moon before anybody else did.

And it is believed that the US Navy also accidentialy steped into Space-Time-Travel during the second World War – experementing with Counter-Clockwise-Electromagnetic fields. Key is the Unified field theory developed by Albert Einstein in the late 1920s.

Time_Projects_1940_1984 (Science-Fiction or Reality?)

Technolgies to replace Oil exists for decades but beeing kept in the dark for the advantage of a few people.

In the early 1950s some public research in this subject surfaced in the US – before it all went deep black in the late 1950s. The Project Winterhaven is just one example:


The US Navy was there from the Start and probably started concpets of own Spacecraft in the early 1950s.

They probably had a operational Space fleet in the late 1980s.

Humans already have the technology to build that kind of structures.

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The Saucer crash in Roswell in July 1947 was probably caused by Radar interferences with the UFO. The officially developed coverup story of a weather ballon is a lie. The crashed craft was brought to Wright Patterson Airforce Base and the EBE (some wounded / and dead) were brought to secure locations. When they passed away – an authopsy of the bodies took place, which was filmed and documented. Also the debris of the crashed saucer – a very special lightwight strong material with strange symbols (hieroglyphics) was filmed and documented.


The Majestic Group or Majestic-12 (Majic-12) was established by a classified special executive order of President Truman on 24 September 1947. It is a research and development group related to UFOs and Extraterrestrial’s to study downed craft for Re-engineering and gather intelligence on other Life-forms. The group is still operational today, funded by Black Budgets from the government and private Corporations of the military-industrial complex. In recent documents a part of the group is called MAJ Ops. and MAJI Ops. and at another clearance Level they are called COSMIC Ops.

Majestic runs the secret black world – the government behind the government and is supposed to be supported by various Corporations and a special security squadron (Silencer). The head of the Majestic Group is called MJ-1 and it is suspected that the group grew to about 30-40 members since it was established in 1947. Only the members of the control group have all clearances and are not comparable to Majestic Operatives (Maj Ops.) with only a compartmentalized inside. The initial Majestic group (MJ-12) included only twelve members:

  • Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter
  • Dr. Vannevar Bush
  • Secretary James V. Forrestal
  • General Nathan F. Twining
  • General Hoyt S. Vandenberg
  • Dr. Detlev Bronk
  • Dr. Jerome Hunsaker
  • Mr. Sidney W. Souers
  • Mr. Gordon Gray
  • Dr. Donald Menzel
  • General Robert M. Montague
  • Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner

Three of the initial members of the Majestic group were the first three directors of the CIA (RAdm. Sidney William Souers, USNR; Lt. Gen. Hoyt Sanford Vandenberg, USA AAF; RAdm. Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter, USN) and it is believed that Secretary of defense James V. Forrestal was the first high potential victim to keep the secret. It is expected that more recent members included Dr. Henry Kissinger, Dr. Edward Teller (father of the hydrogen bomb) and Dr. Michael Wolf.

Quote Sergeant Clifford Stone – US Army (ET Retrieval Team):

When I got out in 1989 we had catalogued 57 different species.[…..]. The unique thing I gotta like to point out for the most part is that the entities that we did catalogued were in fact humanoid. Now this created a situation with the scientific community was trying to figure out why that would be the case.

Official documents mention the MJ-12 Special Studies Project and MAJI Ops.:

Flying Saucers are both man-made and extraterestrial. Technology of crashed and retrived Saucers have been Back-Engineered by scientists within in the community at different locations – for example at the underground facility S4 near Area 51.

Robert Lazar claims to be a former employee at a underground facility near Area51 (Groom Lake – closer to the Papoose Lake) known as S4. He was part of the MAJ Ops. (not the Majestic Control Group) to Back-Engineer a medium sized ET-Craft.

Not only dead bodies of Aliens have been retrieved. Also contacts with living Extraterestrials took place. The department of Naval Intelligence (DNI) is involved with those type of Research using telepaths and other methods of communication with the Extraterestrials.

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