In 1946 the Project Paperclip, established to secure intelligence from the third Reich, brought German propulsion- and mind-scientist to America. One of them was General Reinhard Gehlen, former Nazi chief of intelligence against Russia who influenced the creation of the National Security Council in the US. MK-ULTRA was a covert CIA Mind Control and chemical interrogations Program – officially conducted from 1953 to 1964.The involvement of former Nazi doctors and the relation to experiments carried out in the Concentration camps of Nazi Germany were evident. The Program used Drugs like LSD, Electroshocks, radiation and other methods to control an individuals brain functions. Parts of the project were also targeted for a huge scale. It was a Program of Psychological Warfare to control the minds of the people.

Quote Mark Phillips former CIA operative:

The Nazis didn’t lose the war – they just had to move.

Richard Helms became director of CIA in 1966 and destroyed the archive of MKUltra when he left the service in 1972. MK-Ultra had 149 sub-projects including nearly every aspect of the mind as it affects human behavior. In the year 1977 there were Senate hearings to reveal the procedures used in the MK-Ultra Program. The program took place in 80 institutions including 44 Universities, 15 private companies, 12 Hospitals and 3 prisons.

One area of the MK-Ultra subproject 119 was related to a remote controlled activation of the human organism by radio-frequency weapons. The project also studies the occult for a possible adoption of certain forces into the program. Another sub-project of MK-Ultra was called the Monarch Project, which produced multiple personalities through a trauma and a ritualistic – occult integrated abuse of the individual (hypnotically induced – programmed split personalities). A file was created through the trauma (in the compartmentalized memory), which could be activated by a special code. About 75% of the victims – slaves were females. They were forced by their master to conduct covert operations or were used by them for prostitution and pornography.

Cathy O’ Brien claims to be a government sex slave and mind control victim. After she recovered she co-authored a non-fiction book entitled Trance Formation of America.

Unaknowledged the Program is still operational today. The think pattern and Reality is strongly guided by the controlled media who decides what kind of information / reality the collective will preceive. That includes Data-Scans with a direct Media involvement of a certain group of people who are regarded as important for the System and the Future of Reality creation for mankind.

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Dreamland Los Angeles / Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry

In recent years a strong Media consolidation took place. There are now a few Media giants who control about 90% of what the people read, watch or listen.  These giants are Disney, Warner Brothers, General Electric (Comcast / Universal), Viacom, Newscorp and CBS. The Media is a very powerful instrument to create Reality even it does not match with the Reality itself. They are able to lead the masses into a certain direction and have a strong psychological impact on the individual. They indeed can creat a Dreamland!

It is said that Jews run Hollywood – that seems tob e true.

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