Star wars City in Colorad Springs consits a link to the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines and the Committee of 300. The Gate Keeper of Star Wars City is the Lion (13) Rockefeller in New York City. Within the Power Structure of Star Wars City there is the NRO (Cosmic Clearance – 38 Levels above TOP SECRET) and the Majestic 12 Operations and Control Group which are part of the Committee of 300.

There are about 38 Levels above TOP SECRET. The Y (25) refers to the COSMIC Clearance – MAJESTIC and the Star Wars City.

MAJESTIC and COSMIC are the highest Security Clearance Levels way above the clearance level of the President of the U.S. who has a TOP SECRET CRYPTO clearance of level 17. Below the 28 TOP SECRET CRYPTO clearance levels there are the levels RESTRICTED, CONFIDENTAL, SECRET, TOP SECRET, SCI (Special Compartmented Information) and USAP (Unacknowledged special access programs). Above the 28 TOP SECRET CRYPTO clearance levels there are the levels ZD-27, ORBIT, TRIAD, COSMOS, ASTRAL, STELLAR, ULTRA, LUNA, COSMIC and MAJESTIC.

Quote Daniel Salter, US AirForce, Chief Master Sergeant – NRO:

About 38 Levels above TOP SECRET. The highest is COSMIC. That’s…OK, I tell you right up now – That’s UFO’s, ALIENS and PARTICALIZATION. Now, like you heard that while ago there is only probably about 25 people in the world that know things that are known at that level. No President has had that level – was ever been cleared for that level. Eisenhower was closest.[…..]. If you own that level there is an organization worldwide called ACIO as Alien Contact Intelligence Organization.[…..].

  • MAJESTIC  – Control Group
  • COSMIC     – UFO’s, Aliens and Particalization
  • LUNA          – Moon Cover-Up
  • ULTRA        – Mind Control Programs
  • [ ]                 – Underground Bases,”Contacts”, Back-Engineering

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