I am neither a terrorist, nor an Anti-American nationalist, but a strong supporter of human rights. In this open letter I will formulate a theory, possible aims based on the theory and some facts to support the theory.

9/11 was an “internal” covert operation with ties to the Pentagon and some private Corporations. On 9/11 2001 the military conducted some exercises, which reduced the overall availability of defense and evoked a state of confusion at the Air Control. The commercial airplanes were replaced by two military planes. These two military planes were equipped with bombs, which exploded shortly after the impact with the towers of the World Trade Center. The bombs were located at the belly of each plane, between the engines and should have three effects 1) to deliver a show-effect for the media and 2) to destroy the non-airliner evidence and 3) to hide another explosion. Both towers and WTC Building 7 were prepared for a controlled demolition. The explosives at the basement of the towers were triggered simultaneous with impact of the planes in order to veil them best. The steel of the core columns of the towers was melted before explosives on many floors brought WTC 1 and 2 down. Building 7 was also brought down by a controlled demolition, but without a plane impact. Every act was prepared and conducted according to an operations manual, which defined the involved parties, the different roles, the presented suspects, the planted evidence and the official media statements. The Pentagon was hit by an explosive rocket. Some street lanterns were blown out and light-weighted debris was planted in front of the Pentagon. A secondary explosion caused the collapse of the ceiling. The lawn in front of the Pentagon was covert with sand to prevent any further questions. Agents acted as witnesses and confiscated the video evidence of all surveillance cameras around one of the most secured building of the world. The field in Shanksville was also hit by an explosive rocket and not by an airplane. The commercial airlines went to some other places….

Possible aims based on the Theory: The world population is growing and will reach between 9.4 and 12.1 billion people by the year 2050. Peak Oil was probably reached in the year 2005 and the main reserves (excluding oil-shale) will only last for the next 30-40 years. A new imperial star is shinning on the horizon – China – and America had a decreasing military budget as the result of a missing Enemy’s picture.

9/11 was a catalyzing event used for psychological warfare to shape the political stage of the 21st century. A great sacrifice to direct the American population and the world community into a certain direction – to secure natural resources, an increasing military budget, a strategic position in the middleeast and to establish laws to take over a totalitarian control of the population – all under the name of a staged event conducted by “terrorists”. Additionally it helped to veil domestic financial problems and to increase the gold reserves. Afghanistan is a strategic location for an oil- and gas pipeline to the Caspian Sea whereas Iraq is important for the oil reserves and geographically.

Facts to support the Theory:
There is an incredible amount of unexplained and strange facts for all events, which originally should be questioned by the so called 9/11 commission, established to investigate those terrible acts 18 months after September 11. Very serious questions remained unanswered until that day, because the controlled media was able to manipulate the opinion of the masses in a way that they are not interested to ask any serious questions about the day, which changed the whole political stage of the 21st century. The people are afraid to be called terrorists and are aware that they could be convicted – without a lawsuit – under the new homeland and security act. The land of the free world – and the whole world is watching how freedom is defined in the 21st century – when innocent people were killed for natural resources and an increasing military budget. If the social influence is too strong the individual could even feel guilty to ask critical questions. It is more comfortable to close the eyes – to concentrate on the consumption of the material world – similar to the principle of the Roman Empire to control their people with Bread and Games.

Quote: I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people – confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be – Free and Independent (John F. Kennedy).

Asking critical questions could have a major impact on the social life of the individual in general – in a way >>either you are with us, or you are against us<< to become a target of the same anti-social behavior. In Nazi Germany, for example, far too many people were being manipulated and closed their eyes – but those who did not, like Mr. Schindler, are the personalities who act as humans. History shows that it is very important to have critical thinkers, who are able to look behind the social norms of the time and trying to prevent that history repeats itself by keeping the main focus on the human rights.

Facts to support the Theory:

  • WTC security cameras were inactive during w/e installations 9/8-9
  • Pictures and videos showing an extra Equipment on “Flight 175”
  • There were large flashes prior & at the plane impact with the WTC
  • Seismic station recorded seismic events immediately prior to impacts
  • The twin Towers came down in nearly free fall speed
  • WTC Building 7 (47 floors) collapsed in nearly free fall speed
  • The WTC was designed to withstand an airplane impact of a 707
  • Fire Fighters & other witnesses reported explosions on different floors
  • The WTC was insured against terrorist attacks weeks before 9/11
  • Molten metal was found in the rubble of the WTC and Building 7
  • Molten metal could not haven been caused by Jet Fuel burning, but as a reaction of a controlled demolition using Thermite to cut columns
  • Most of the WTC steel work was shipped to China for recycling
  • – No 757 wreckage was found at the Pentagon (Engines, Seats etc.)
  • How could a 757 fit in a five meter hole at the Pentagon?
  • The lawn of the Pentagon was intact and later covered with sand
  • Why was all the video evidence of the crash confiscated?
  • Many concrete walls were penetrated due to the impact of… 
  • No body’s and plane parts were found at the crash- side in Shanksville
  • The Project “Rebuilding Americas Defenses” promotes US dominance
  • 2.3 trillion $ disappeared from the defense budget, reported on 9/10
  • Gold reserves stored under the WTC were not fully recovered
  • SEC files of ongoing investigations (Archive in Building 7) destroyed
  • 9/11 Commission started investigation in March 2003 (18 months later)  

Who had the motivation, organization and logistics for such an operation?


The 911 OPEN LETTER from 2010:


Report about Thermite found in the dust of WTC I+II+VII:



Report of the German BND concerning the events of 911:


The Project to Rebuild Americas defenses (PNAC):


Seismic Recordings Prior to Plane impact:

SeismicProofed InsideJob

A new Investigation should be started as soon as possible in order to be able to convict the people in charge of those terrible acts. Truth matters!

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