US Intel Clowns

I published an OPEN LETTER about the crimes and lies of September 11 2001 in March 2010 at my Blog Asianways.com. At the time I stayed together with my former Thai Family in the South of Thailand – at a remote island close to the border to Myanmar. I lived there, with interruptions, from 2006 to 2012. Some US Intel Clowns was able to track me very easy, because another Website from me www.Koh-Phayam.com was linked to my Blog somehow. They tried to threaten me and my family on the island.

WTC 1&2

Explosions at the basement occured before the plane hit the building (Seismic Proof). There was a visible extra piece of equipment at the alleged “Flight 175” which does not belog to a commercial Airline, but can be seen on Military Aircraft. The Twin Towers came down in Free Fall Speed – with no resistance of the Mass. Fire Fighters and other witnesses reported multiple explosions in the Building, like a controlled demolition to move mass out of the way. Molten Metal and Traces of Nano Thermite was found in the rubble of the buildings. Fire Fighter witnessed “POOLS OF MOLTEN METAL” – Jet Fuel burning itself does not generate temperatues to melt metal, so what does? Additionally the Gold reserves stored under the WTC were not fully recovered.


World Trade Center 7 was a 47 floor Skyscarper, which was not hit by a Plane and had only fires on several floors. It came down in free fall speed at 5:25 PM on September 11 2001 in a fashion like a classical controlled demolition. Molten Metal was also found at the rubble of World Trade Center 7. The BBC reported the collapse of the building live in TV already 26 minutes before it actually happened. Additionally it hosted the SEC and files of ongoing investigations were destroyed.


The Pentagon was not hit by a Plane. There were no plane Engines, Seats or any Luaggage that indicates that any plane had crashed even near the pentagon. Agents acted like witnesses and picked up light weighted debris at the lawn in front of the Pentagon, which was later covered up with Sand. The Video evidence which would show what really hit the Pentagon was confiscated by the FBI. How a 757 fit into a five meter hole at the pentagon – below are the pictures befor the wall collapsed.


No Bodies – No Plane – Just a hole in the Ground



The US was warned prior to the Attacks by several foreign Intelligence Units – like France, Germany, Israel and Russia that a Terrorist Attack will probably take place any time soon. But they knew it already – in fact they prepared them. The Kick-off for the crusades of the 21st century started with the lies of September 11 2001. In the aftermath it is not very hard to figure out who initiated the attacks and who were the War Profiteurs. As mentioned in the 911 Open Letter from 2010: A new Investigation should be started as soon as possible in order to be able to convict the people in charge of those terrible acts. Truth matters. Below you will find a PDF File (3 Pages) from the initial 13-300.com Blog from 2018 with a list of the WAR CRIMINALS and possible WAR PROFITEERS. ISIS directly refered to the so called “Failed Crusades” in their DABIQ Magazin. It was a strong Counter-Movement for Justice when the Information was public knowledge.

The Project (PNAC) – Rebuiling Americas Defenses (September 2000) promotes US dominance and a catalizing event like a NEW PEARL HARBOR.