Torsion Tensor


The Looking Glass Device should be at ALICEs Floor in Area 51 – S4 (Level 4-2).

Are we able to use Technology (not only the Spirit) to take a look into the Past and the Future – or are we even abel to Travel in Time with Technology?

For a first LOOK I would recommend the Book: Secrets Of The Unified Field and the Book: The Hunt for Zero Point. An Overview of different possible Methods within the laws of our mathematics and physics:

Even the bitterest fruit has sugar in it.

– Terry a O’Neal

Maybe I am a Time Traveler

– Martin in the mid 70s

To be Continued…

✴︎ Spacefleet ✴︎

According to some Sources the HUMAN RACE has already a fully operational SPACE FLEET since the mid / end of the 80s. If you take a look at the 2,3 TRILLION $ missing at the Pentagon Balance Sheets (can not be Accounted for) announced by Donald Rumsfeld on September 10 2001 you should not wonder about that. It is nearly impossible that all the missing USD are only used to fill the pockets of some corrupt people within the System. Additionally in the US about 50 -100 billion USD are funded by BLACK BUDGETS with no congressional oversight every year, which also can be used for highly Classified Projects. If you are looking for such Activities you should enter ON THE TOP OF THE MILITARY, which means the NAVY (+ Naval Intelligence – DNI) and the National Reconnissance Office (NRO) – you will find MAJESTIC AND COSMIC Clearances. Below: NAVY Building.

I would recommend two books, if you are interessted in the subject – by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

On the Book the U.S. NAVY’S SECRET SPACE PROGRAM you can find an illustration from the alleged USS HILLENKOETTER (NAVAL SPACE COMMAND), which should be accomplished / builded in 1988. Humans are able to build such Structures – below: Photo of a Superstructure Vehicle in Japan (Hokaido Dry Dock).

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED I could put a name (some names) on each stream. All the best MARTIN.