Unified Field


How do they get here?

Regarding the distances and the time needed to tavel within the Universe most of the people can not imagine that anyone would be capable to visit us from another Solar-System or even another Galaxy. Another problem is that the people believe it is impossible based on conventional sciences – beeing not aware that the possibility was even proved by Albert Einstein in the 1928 when he suggested to the Prussian Academy a tesnor which should characterize a continuum and not the more complicated Riemannian curvatur tensor. Quote Albert Einstein “New Possibility for Unified Field Theory of Gravitation and Electricity” in the Session Report of the Prussian Academy of Science June 14, 1928: “I discovered that this theory – at leasrt in first approximation – yields the field equations of Gravitation and Electromagnetism in a very simple and natural manner. Thus it seems possible that this theory will substitute the theory of general relativity in tis original form”. In 1930 Albert Einstein published an “Unified Field Theory” in the Annals of Mathematics based on Riemannian Metrics and Distant Parallelism – the second Paragraph reads as follows: “Since the number of dimensions has no impact on the following considerations, we suppose a n-dimensional continuum. To take into account the facts of metrics and gravitation we assume the existence of a Riemann-metric. IN NATURE THERE ALSO EXIST ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS, WHICH CANNOT DESCRIBED BY RIEMANNIAN METRICS. THIS AROUSES THE QUESTION: HOW CAN WE COMPLEMENT OUR RIEMANNIAN SPACES IN A NATURAL LOGICAL WAY WITH AN ADDITIONAL STRUCTURE, SO THAT THAT THE WHOLE THING HAS A UNIFORM CHARACTER?

In general Relativity masses bend Time-Space and evoke Gravitaional Forces with a Speed of Light barrier. Einsteins 1928 Unified Field Theory explains how Gravitation and Electromagnetism is interlinked. Even not accomplished and not included the Quantummechanis there were numerous scientiest claiming that it was already engineerable. Albert Einsteins 1930s Unified Field Theory was discarded and went off the Radar. But basically Space and Time Travel is possible by Manipulation of the Gravitation – to overcome the Gravitational Forces – with strong electromagnetic Fields in a Vortex to twist Space-Time – and even use Shortcuts between distant regions which can not be reached by only travelling with the Speed of Light.

Some Personal Photos from the 29th of May 2018 in Kronberg im Taunus show an UFO – approximately 3 meters in Diameter. I only had an old Mobilephone – so the Quailty is not really good. It was an Oval Shaped Disc hoovering stationary in about 1 km distance. I lost sight – than it came out of the thunderstorm clouds and fell about 300 m in less than a second and was hoovering stationary again. The whole sighting lastet about 3 minutes. I reported the case at MUFON with the case number 92387.

Another interessting Photo shows an Object moving off very fast in Bingen am Rhein on the 21st of September 2022. But this time I had a better Camera.

And only because I like the Photo even it does not show an unidentified Flying Object – an interessting Cloud Formation in Kronberg im Taunus (Berliner Platz) on the 06th of July 2021.

The Hutchison Effect occurs as the result of radio wave interferences in a zone of spatial volume encompassed by high voltage sources, usually a Van de Graff generator, and two or more Tesla coils. The effects produced include levitation of heavy objects, fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood (exactly as portrayed in the movie, “The Philadelphia Experiment”), the anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material, spontaneous fracturing of metals (which separate by sliding in a sideways fashion), and both temporary and permanent changes in the crystalline structure and physical properties of metals. (Extract of Explanation from Mark A. Solis).

From the personal sightings and interessting experiences I will move on to offical sightings – even observed by the Military. From left to right – UFO Sighting in Puerto Rico (Military), UFO Sighting in South Korea and UFO Sighting in Mexico (Military).

Some interessting Publications related to the Topic:

Viktor Schauberger (* 30. Juni 1885 in Holzschlag in Schwarzenberg am Böhmerwald; † 25. September 1958 in Linz) had an interessting approach to research VORTEX Mathematics – the base of his Research was WATER and its patterns of behaviour in different circumstances. Quote Peter Hewitt at the “Appendix II – Physics and Vortex” from the Essay about Viktor Schaubergers Work (Living Water from Olof Alexandersson) : ” The concept of the vortex was central to Schauberger’s work. It is also emerging to have application to fundamental physics. The vortex is a key principle which casts new light on the findings of physics. The vortex points to a completely new understanding of the physical world. At the same time, it opens the door to the super-physical. To most of us, the physical world seems solid and substantial. Yet modern physics has shown quite clearly that this solidity is an illusion. Matter is made up of atoms and these atoms themselves are mainly empty space, containing sub-atomic particles such as protons and electrons in constant movement. These sub-atomic particles themselves are far from substantial. Ever since Einstein, we have known that matter is equivalent to energy. Particles, in some way, are bundles of pure energy.”

Some UFO Investigations and an Example of examination of Photographic evidence at Ramillies (Belgium 1989-1990).

Some more Documents / Publications related to the Topic: Exact ‘antigravity-field’ solutions of Einstein’s equation, GLOBAL CAUSALITY IN SPACE-TIME UNIVERSE, The Causality Principle: Complexity is the Limit, A Theory of the Podkletnov Effect based on General Relativity: Anti-Gravity Force due to the Perturbed Non-Holonomic Background of Space, Is Zero-Pomit Energy Real?, Who was Dr. Nikola Tesla?, Electrogravitic Systems, OUTSIDE THE BOX” SPACE AND TERRESTRIAL TRANSPORTATION AND ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE 21ST CENTURY and Zero Point Energy and the Dirac Equation.