The NSA is like a giant hoover who collects data all around the world – they are doing analysis for specific KEY-WORDS to feat a established filter system. If you type too often UFO, PRESIDENT or OUTER SPACE in combination your IP / Profile will eventually surface at the desk of a NSA Researcher who digs into your Privacy. Remark: The Methods described are based on 2013 Informations.

Search REsults at google

Beeing watched by the Government

If your Search Results at Google does not really Match to your Key Words at all – you are probably beeing Monitored and Watched by the Government somehow. Even with the purpose to Communicate with you in a different way. There are multiple Intelligence Units who could be interessted in your Online Activities – to Gain Intel or to protect the Government (to wipe their lies and crimes under the carpet).

I got some really interessting Search Results – I just would like to post for you some examples (Screenshots from 2017).

In the first Screenshot SIGNIFICANT: NAHK and in the second Screenshot SIGNIFICANT: TGLU.

Another Screenshot shows a picture of me (Martin) and my Ex-Girlfriend Phanumat (now Anwarin) nicknamed Nok (Translated in English Bird) directly at a JUDE sign from the NS Times (Screenshot from 2018). As I already mentioned I registered the pages 13-300.com and Thaibeach.de already in 2018 and rebuild them 2023 due to a second failed PHP Update. See Screenshot of the Original Page 13-300.com below. Before I published similar information at my Blog Asianways.com (in the year 2009-2010 and 2015-2018).

Spiritual Path (2002-2005) – Publication 2006 – Met Nok in 2012 in Thailand – Google Search Result from 2018